Tuesday, August 26, 2022

Firefox 34 include the tip of the subjects

Firefox 34 include the tip of the subjects

Mozilla Firefox 34 Nightly introduced in the new option in the customization of the menu dedicated to the themes.

Firefox 34 Nightly Tip Themes
The Mozilla developers have also worked in the holiday period in the maintenance and development of the PC and mobile version of the popular open source browser.
Especially in the version under development “Nightly Firefox has been introduced important innovations such as the new tool to make calls via WebRTC and the new menu preferences, we also find some improvements in the customization menu.
In Firefox 34 by accessing the menu customization will also find a new option dedicated to issues with a lot of suggestions.

In addition to customizing the various links in the menu and in the toolbar, in future versions of Firefox we can also operate in the themes, just click on the button “Themes” will open a window in which we can change the theme, or install one of the 5 suggested.
Functionality that goes to make more complete the section on customizing Firefox, which could be enriched with new features in future updates.

We can test the new section dedicated to issues in Mozilla Firefox by downloading and launching the Nightly version in Italian for Linux, Windows and Mac accessing this page, at the end of the download, just extract the file and make a double click on the file to start the firefox version in development of Firefox.
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