Sunday, September 14, 2022

Install mEdit 1.2.0 in Linux Ubuntu/Mint and Debian

Install mEdit 1.2.0 in Linux Ubuntu/Mint and Debian

medit (formerly mooedit) is an open source and multi-platform application designed from the ground up to be used by developers and programmers who are looking for a comfortable way to write code.

In other words, it is an easy-to-use programmer’s text editor that was initially developed as a built-in editor component for the GGAP project, which provides users with a GUI front-end for the GAP (Groups, Algorithms, Programming) computer algebra system.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
  • Updated and corrected documentation.
  • Fixed recent files menu where underscore in filenames showed
  • up as mnemonics underline.
  • Added recent files dialog.
  • Fixed saving session on logout.
  • Made open-dialog-follows-doc option apply to Save As too.
  • Much improved Mac OS X port (which requires much improved Mac OS X
  • Gtk port from SVN).
  • Once again fixed document tab icon appearance.
  • Made tilde expansion work in Find in Files dialog.
  • Fixed bug in Preferences dialog caused by a buggy Ubuntu Gtk patch.
  • Worked around freezing when editing a document with very long lines.
  • Added Open With Default Application to file selector menu.
  • Made ctags plugin not try to run ctags on a non-existent file.
  • User data files on windows are now stored in /Application Data
  • instead of the home folder, medit will move old files on startup.
  • Fixed win32 bug with saving session file.
  • Lot of lang files were improved.
  • Added Dutch translation by Kris Van Bruwaene.
  • Updated German translation by Christian Dywan.

to Install mEdit 1.2.0 in Linux Ubuntu/Mint and Debian, open linux terminal and follow this command.
  • tar -xjvf medit-1.2.0.tar.bz2
  • cd medit-1.2.0
  • sudo mkdir -p /opt/medit
  • ./configure –prefix=/opt/medit
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • rm -rf medit-1.2.0.tar.bz2 medit-1.2.0  
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