Friday, August 29, 2022

Linux Mint – new colors for the default theme, LMDE 2 will be called Betsy

Linux Mint – new colors for the default theme, LMDE 2 will be called Betsy

Among the most awaited news for next fall are also the new 17.1 version of Linux Mint and the new Linux Mint LMDE 2 17.1 will be the first release that will no longer follow the development of Ubuntu but it will be based on the LTS version whilst updating the various applications and desktop environments etc.. Among the new confirmed for Linux Mint 17.1 (in addition to updates to Cinnamon and MATE) we find optimizations for the update manager Update Manager as well as improving the default theme Mint-X which will be available in various colors such as blue, red, gray, purple, pink, yellow and many more.

A report is Clement Lefebvre in his blog asking the user what are the favorite colors to include in the default theme, the new colors will be available for both Cinnamon Mate that, by changing the theme will also automatically folder icons color related.

Another important new feature of Linux Mint Debian Edition, distribution 8 with the update repository will be based on the stable Debian 8.0 Jessie next November. This will enable developers of Linux Mint Debian Edition to work primarily installer and various dedicated tools such as Software Center, Update Manager, etc..
According to Clement Lefebvre UP8 will kick off the new Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 release which will have the codename Betsy”, so as to start a new phase of the derivative. 
I wonder if once they reach high stability Linux Mint is decided once and for all abandon permanently switch to Ubuntu to Debian (a hypothesis is nothing confirmed).
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