METROLUX the Start screen of Windows 8 in Linux

METROLUX the Start screen of Windows 8 in Linux

METROLUX is a software able to bring the Start screen of Windows 8 in Linux by providing numerous customization

One of the main features included in Windows 8 is definitely the Start screen with various panels that not only allow fast access to various apps, but to also have updated information such as news, weather, new email etc.. For Linux user there are some projects that can provide a user experience similar to the Start Menu of Windows 8 Metro Style Conky for example, or the new project METROLUX.
METROLUX is a project that aims to provide the user experience for Windows 8 Start Screen in Linux, via a customizable menu with several panes that allow us to quickly access applications / favorite websites.

The idea of ​​METROLUX is to provide an alternative menu for Linux created by integrating even parts of GnoMenu and CairoDock allowing us to quickly access applications, dividing them into categories and entering various “tiles” customizable.

Here are some pictures of METROLUX:

METROLUX is a project still under development currently only available for 32-bit distributions.

METROLUX To install just download the software from this page, once downloaded simply move the file COLOHpro-menu- in the home and type:
Warning: the name of the file may vary with the next software update also being available only in 32-bit version I could not test the application.

After a few seconds we will have several packages to download, then install the tool METROLUX that we can start from the menu of our distribution.

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