Saturday, February 25, 2022

TrueOS Stable is Update to 2022-02-22

TrueOS has as its goals to be an easy-to-install-and-use desktop and server operating system, based on FreeBSD. To accomplish this, it provides a graphical installation to enable even UNIX novices to easily install and get it running. It pre-configures desktop environments, video, sound, and networking so that the desktop can be used immediately. A graphical software installation program makes installing pre-built software as easy as other popular operating systems.

The TrueOS team has released a new snapshot of the operating system’s Desktop and Server editions. The new snapshot includes several bug fixes, a few new services and package updates. TrueOS 2022-02-22 also includes support for automounting devices and a new jail management utility

A new update for TrueOS-STABLE is available as of 2/22/17 (apologies for the late announcement). This update brings in a number of bugfixes and functionality improvements, along with a few “big-ticket” items.

Brief Changelog

  • packaging upgrading.
  • Lumina 4k wallpaper bug.
  • dbus service status bug.
  • Imported upstream OpenRC patches for service supervision/status.
  • Fixes to SysAdm service (now allows stopping the supervised service).
  • FreeBSD-examples upgrading bug.

Services Added:

  • plexmediaserver
  • open-vm-tools
  • musicpd
  • iocage
  • tcpproxy
  • miniupnp
  • isc-dhcpd34

Other Updates:

  • Qt version updated from 5.6.2 to 5.7.1
  • Multiple minor package updates
  • New about tool improvements (Thanks Graham Perrin!)
  • The entire package repository is synced with FreeBSD as of Feb 19, 2017.
  • The new Automounting feature is available!
  • The pc-mounttray utility has been retired in favor of the new devd-based automounter and autofs.
  • New Jail utilities are available.
for more details.” The release announcement has further information.

Download (pkglist): TrueOS-Desktop-2017-02-22-x64-DVD.iso (2,320MB, SHA256,signaturetorrent), TrueOS-Server-2017-02-22-x64-DVD.iso (1,530MB, SHA256,signaturetorrent). Also available from OSDisc.
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