Tuesday, August 26, 2022

Arriving in China a Linux distribution ready to replace Microsoft Windows

Arriving in China a Linux distribution ready to replace Microsoft Windows

This October will debut in China, a new operating system can provide a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows.

Windows in China
The Chinese government has decided to cut ties with the proprietary software of Microsoft focusing on Linux and free software are prohibited from using in the offices of Windows 8 and advising companies that use XP to focus on open source solutions.
October also expected to debut a new Linux distribution developed to provide a version of Windows free to use the various officers of the civil service. Made in China will be a Windows operating system can ensure greater security against the NSA and various government agencies, as well as to ensure greater reliability and all this without licensing costs or other.

Currently you do not know the details of the new Windows Made in China, operating system most likely to be a Linux distribution optimized with Chinese software dedicated, in the future there is also a mobile version for smartphones and tablets. According to the portal Reuters, the Chinese government will remove from their windows pc within two years, while we have to wait another 3-5 years to even get all the mobile devices based on the new operating system made in China.

The design of the operating system Windows antibegan in 2000 with the launch of Red Flag Linux, an independent distribution which led to several problems (mainly due to the hardware support). Linux is the best solution to ensure greater security, privacy and reliability in the pc of the Chinese government which also save a lot of money because the operating system will not have any cost of licenses or otherwise.
We will keep you updated on the details of the new Chinese anti Windows operating system: D
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