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Cinelerra 4.6 Available for Download

Cinelerra 4.6 Available for Download

Cinelerra is intended to be useful and fast, representing the most used features from 15 years of editing, but not compare to the leading commercial editors. By modern standards, it’s probably minimalist.

And the new version 4.6 of Cinelerra video editing software dedicated to the non-linear, here’s how to install it.

Cinelerra in Ubuntu

Cinelerra is one of the oldest open software for non-linear video editing for Linux, Born in 2002, Cinelerra allows us to combine and edit multiple videos from different sources, has tools to operate in every single frame as well as a number of features including audio management, insertion of both video and audio effects and so on. The software supports the most popular audio and video formats, with the ability to process audio using 64 bits of precision and work with color space is RGBA and YUVA and much more.
A few days ago the new version 4.6 of Cinelerra, update that includes important new features and fixes several bugs found by developer and user in recent months.

Cinelerra 4.6 improves support for OpenGL, and support for Intel graphics cards, note also the improvements in the support for the OpenEXR file format used by many professional studios such as Lucasfilm.
With the new version 4.6 of Cinelerra are improved by the new option to transfer the keyframes between the audio and video tracks for the Linux user are also fixed some issues that prevented the launch of the software (the version with precompiled binaries) systems in 32 bits.

install Cinelerra

Cinelerra 4.6 does not require any installation as it is released with precompiled binaries, then just download the software, remove it and start it.

To download / run Cinelerra 4.6 in Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Arch Linux, etc. just type in a terminal:

wget 4.6.x86_64.tar.xz
tar xvf cinelerra4.6.x86_64.tar.xz
cd cinelerra /

And we started Cinelerra, for future start just go to the folder cinelerra and give a double click on the file cinelerra.

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