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DontWaitUp assign a task when you create or resize a window in Linux

DontWaitUp assign a task when you create or resize a window in Linux

 DontWaitUp is a useful software for Linux that allows us to turn off, restart, launch an application etc. when you close a window.

DontWaitUp in Ubuntu
We present DontWaitUp interesting software that allows us to assign a task when a window is closed, or when the title is changed or resized. For example, we can shut down or reboot the PC when it finishes a download or update, or we can terminate a window when a video ends etc..
In the “Events” section of DontWaitUp we will have a list of the windows opened just a click in one of them in order to trigger an action by choosing a preset or by creating a custom.

DontWaitUp allows us to choose to activate the action not only when a window is closed, but also when the title is resized or changed, by default the software includes actions to shut down, restart, suspend, hibernate, or play a sound, but you can add custom actions (simple commands).

Note also that for every single action you can activate a dialog box to confirm the execution of the operation or start it directly, the preferences of the software can also enable / disable the link in the panel in such a way to minimize the active window leaving the application.

To Install DontWaitUp on Linux Ubuntu and Mint , open a new Terminal window and bash (get it?) in the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alessandro-blarco/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dontwaitup consolekit
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