Blender 2.74 Out Now, Available for Mac OSX, Windows, Linux Ubuntu and Linux Mint [PPA]

Blender 2.74 Out Now with New Tools, Add-Ons, and Dozens of Improvements

The Blender Foundation is proud to announce today, March 31, the immediate availability for download of the Blender 2.74 free, open-source 3D modelling software that is used by many professional designers to create stunning graphics and models for Hollywood movies.

Highlights of Blender 2.74 include Cycles Render improvements, support for Custom Normals, new Viewport features, an all-new “Cavity Mask” tool, several improvements to the Game engine and Grease pencil, a number of improvements to the hair dynamics and editing tools, as well as great memory consumption optimizations in Freestyle NPR stroke rendering.

In detail, we can mention that the Cycles Render component received several memory, noise, speed, and precision improvements, as well as a brand-new Pointiness attribute for the Geometry node, which can be used to control texture space of a single object by another.

Supports a wide range of image file types, animations and movies

Blender allows for photorealistic rendering, fast modelling, fast rigging, sculpting, fast UV unwrapping, amazing simulations, camera and object tracking, and much more. The application provides import and export support for various image file types, such as JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, TAGA, DPX, Radiance HDR, SGI Iris, Cineon, and OpenEXR. In addition, it can import or export animations and movies to MPEG, AVI and Quicktime file formats, and 3D models for 3D Studio (3DS), X3D, STL, Autodesk (DXF), DirectX (x), Motion Capture (BVH), Lightwave (LWO), SVG, Filmbox (FBX), Stanford PLY, Wavefront (OBJ), VRML, VRML97, and COLLADA (DAE).

What is Blender ?

Blender is an open source application for creating professional 2D/3D graphics, models and animation on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The truth is that Blender is targeted at advanced users and enthusiasts who know what they are doing. However, new users can find comprehensive documentation and tutorials on the official website, which will help them to get started with Blender.

What’s new in Blender 2.74:
  • Cycles got a few optimizations, a new “Pointiness” attribute and objects can now use the texture maps from other objects, the Viewport is now able to display Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field, the Outliner was improved in quite some ways, it is now possible to edit normals, the Hair tools developed for the Gooseberry Project are now available (including improved hair dynamics, child hair modifiers and various interaction tools), texture painting can now be done using Cavity Masks, Freestyle memory consumption was greatly improved, the Grease Pencil rewrite from Blender 2.73 was continued to make more editing tools available, improvements for animation interaction and many more features which are worth checking out!
More Features
  • .blend Files & Libraries: generation and saving of previews for materials, textures, lamps, world and images datablocks.
  • Background images can now be rotated and flipped.
  • Compositing: Plane Track Deform, Multilayer EXR nodes improved; memory usage optimization.
  • Sequencer: Slip tool, Setting proxies improved; preview individual strips (feature back from Blender 2.4x)
  • Added gamma node support for Blender Internal
  • Added MotionTracking operator to filter tracks based on how smooth their motion is
  • Many other small Improvements
  • Blender 2.74 brings numerous other new features, so it is recommended to check the official release notes for more details.

Install Blender 2.74 on Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn, Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr (LTS) and Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca via PPA

Because it will be added soon in the Blender PPA, installing Blender 2.74 on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pinguy OS and Elementary OS systems is easy. All you have to do is add the ppa to your system, update the local repository index and install the needed repository. Like this:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cheleb/blender-svn
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install blender
Optional, to remove blender, do:
sudo apt-get remove blender  

Download for Mac OSX 64 bit
Download for Windows 7 | 8 | Vista ( 64 bit & 32 bit )

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations. 

For More information about download Blender 2.74 you visit this page.

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