Clem has some news of Cinnamon 2.4


Clem has some news of Cinnamon 2.4

Clement Lefebvre has released some news about the new version 2.4 of Cinnamon that we will find the default in Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca.

Cinnamon on Linux Mint

Days are very important for the development of Linux Mint, Ubuntu derivative that with the next release 17.1 Rebecca will bring significant changes from the version that will be based. In fact, the new Linux Mint 17.1 will be based on Ubuntu 04.14 Trusty and not the future version 10.14 Utopic, to allow developers to work primarily in Cinnamon and other various applications such as default update manager, software center etc.. Among the new confirmed for Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca are the new Cinnamon 2.4, a new version of the famous desktop environment that will bring some changes since the backgrounds machines.

With Cinnamon 2.4 we can change a background automatically every few minutes all from the desktop environment settings manager. The new option included in the transmission of the backgrounds will allow us to choose our favorite images or a single directory, they will be changed automatically every few minutes by us with the possibility to customize the aspect, gradient etc..


Cinnamon 2.4 also includes new options for themes with the ability to easily change the title bar, icons, mouse cursor, window buttons etc..
Also note the new option to enable icons in menus or buttons functionality in the good old Gnome 2 and which is also found in Mate (supported desktop environment from Linux Mint.)


These are just some news that will be in Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca as well as some improvements to the update manager (Update Manager) and the correction of several bugs.

For more information please consult: Cinnamon 2.4: Background and Theme selection slideshows in Cinnamon 2.4 from the blog of Clement Lefebvre.

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