Enlightenment E19 Released, news and how to install it

Enlightenment E19 Released, news and how to install it

officially released on new Enlightenment E19 with support for Wayland, HiDPI display and much more, here’s how to install it

Enlightenment E19

After months of hard work is finally available stable version of Enlightenment E19 new and awaited version of “light” desktop environment for Linux. Enlightenment is a desktop environment open source capable of providing numerous customization, effects, transparencies etc. all requiring very few resources, so good for new personal computers and dated. With the new version the new E19 Enlightenment includes many new features and improvements such as the support for the compositor Wayland and for HiDPI display in such a way as to be used in the future also new releases and pc monitor with high pixel density.

The developer Enlightenment with the new E19 have greatly improved support for multi-monitor, also debuts the new profile Tiling (great for netbooks and PCs with a small display) that allows us to always have maximized windows in such a way as to increase the space available for applications.

Thanks to the module PackageKit also comes in Enlightenment E19 integration package manager, introduced support for work faster xrandr in such a way as to manage the backlight, also debut new options that allow us for example to block the video size.

For more information on Enlightenment E19 please consult the release notes available on this page.

Install Enlightenment E19
Enlightenment E19 will be available in the official repositories of major distributions such as Arch Linux Rolling Release, SID Debian, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS etc..

To install in Ubuntu and Enlightenment E19 just type in a terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:niko2040/e19
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install enlightenment terminology 
and confirm. At the end you just end the session and start the session Enlightenment

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