Ensure that our system is infected with Shellshock Bash


Ensure that our system is infected with Shellshock Bash

In this guide we will see how to check and solve the problem of Shellshock in our Linux distribution.

Shellshock Test
A few days ago we released an article dedicated to Shellshock, bug reported by researchers that Red Hat is doing a lot to talk given that “might” endanger millions of personal computers and servers. As usual, a few hours after reporting the developer of the leading Linux distributions had already released an update can fix the bugs, thus preventing a malicious user could use the bug to be able to work on our system (this is not very simple).
We can also easily verify whether or not our operating system is “infected” by Shellshock.

Simply open the terminal and type:
env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable’ bash -c “echo this is a test”
if we get as a result:
this is a test
means that in our system there is a bug in bash Shellshock
if instead we have as a result

this is a test
We can rest easy.
To solve the problem, simply update Bash by typing in a terminal:

For Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bash
For Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat and derivatives:
sudo yum install bash
For openSUSE and derivatives:
sudo zypper install bash
For Arch Linux and derivatives, Chakra, etc. Manjaro:
sudo pacman -Sy bash
At the end I rebooted the check, and that’s solved the problem Shellshock.

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