ExLight Linux, simply Ubuntu with Enlightenment E19

ExLight Linux, simply Ubuntu with Enlightenment E19

ExLight Linux is a Linux distribution that combines Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty with the new Enlightenment E19, here’s how to download it

ExLight Linux E19
A few days ago we reported the abandonment of the project Bodhi Linux, Ubuntu-based distribution with Enlightenment desktop environment.
To offer a viable alternative to Bodhi thinks ExLight Linux distribution available in several variants, including a version with the Enlightenment E19 desktop environment based on Ubuntu 04.14 LTS Trusty. Among the main features of the E19 are the ExLight Linux Linux Kernel updated to version 3.16.xe several preinstalled applications such as the Firefox browser, document editor AbiWord, the Nautilus file manager and SpaceFM (which are 3 with the default in Enlightenment) Gimp, etc. GParted. Also note the bootloader of livedvd revisited that allows us to load the entire distribution in the RAM memory in such a way to speed it up considerably.

In ExLight Linux Enlightenment E19 can not find Wicd Network Manager, but rather as manager of the Wireless and Ethernet, recommend it to all the user to use ConnMan or Network Manager (available from the Software Center) in the case of mobile internet connection.

I also remember that when you first start ExLight Linux Enlightenment E19 desktop environment we will have access to autenticandoci with exlight username and no password or as a system administrator with root as username and password.

For more information and to download ExLight Linux Enlightenment E19 just consult this page.

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