Files (Nautilus) 3.14 RC1 Features Better Toolbar Styling with GTK+ 3.14


Files (Nautilus) 3.14 RC1 Features Better Toolbar Styling with GTK+ 3.14

The GNOME developers behind the Nautilus project (now known as Files) have announced that version 3.14 RC1 has been released and is now available for download and testing.

A fresh Files (Nautilus) 3.14 RC1 version has been made available and it looks like the developers are still finding things to fix and improve, even if it’s quite late in the development cycle.

Nautilus is the default file manager for the GNOME project and it’s one of the most visible components. It comes with numerous features and it’s one of the packages that it’s modified on a constant basis. It might not show major differences from one release to another, but most of the changes are usually done under the hood.

Changes and more changes

The developers are not making any ground braking modifications and there is nothing out of the ordinary. According to the changelog, a number of performance improvements for the canvas and list views have been implemented, some duplicate actions in the gear menu that were shown when the app menu was not in use have been removed, the CSS style for new GTK+ has been fixed, and the handling of sort-directories-first setting has been fixed.

Also, the toolbar and pathbar styling with GTK 3.14 has been improved, the properties dialog notebook is now expanded in its parent container, a crash that was occurring when using the rename field context menu in list view has been fixed, a crash that occurred when using a screen reader in canvas view has been fixed, a crash that occurred when changing the icon captions setting has been corrected, and the floating bar CSS style has been fixed.

A complete list of changes can be found in the official changelog. You can download Files 3.14 RC1 (formerly known as Nautilus) right now from Softpedia.

This is the source package and you can’t really do anything with it, individually. In order to properly test this latest iteration you need to install the entire GNOME desktop and check the rest from there.

Also, this is a development version and installing it on a production machine would be a very bad idea. There are still bugs and various issues and you might end up messing up the operating system. For now, there is no way to test the latest GNOME, unless you compile it, but the final version should arrive pretty fast in all the major repositories.

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