GNOME 3.14 Released, news and how to install it


GNOME 3.14 Released, news and how to install it

The Gnome developers have officially released the new version 3.14, here is the news and how to test it or install it.

Gnome 3.14
After months of hard work is finally available stable version of GNOME 3.14 and new major upgrade that makes it more complete and reliable desktop environment of the famous spinster.” GNOME 3.14 improves support for the new Wayland graphical server, even new to GTK + that brings with it significant improvements to CSS support, also note the improvements to the Adwaita theme and icons to provide better integration with the new desktop environment.

One of the most important innovations introduced in Gnome 3.14 are the improvements to the management of the desktop environment from devices with touch screens. The Gnome developers have introduced new multi-touch gestures that allow us to work effectively within the desktop environment from open source zoom in documents / maps to the possibility of quick access to the overview of the activities or in a new workspace, and so on.

In Gnome Shell 3.14 we find new animations in the overview of the activities, improving research also interact with new applications such as Gnome Clock allowing us to display the current time of our favorite locations directly from the search. Also note the support for Gnome Calculator that allows us to perform the calculation directly from the search bar of the overview of the activities.

In Gnome 3.14 are improved support for Wi-Fi hotspots, introduced / improved geolocation using Mozilla Location Service for internet connections furniture, introduced significant improvements for sharing via VNC, WebDAV, DLNA (configurable by the section in Gnome Control Center ).

News for applications badged Gnome in Evince document reader are revised graphical interface with support for high pixel density display (HiDPI), improves access to the various links, images, etc. and introduced the ability to remove annotations .
Also introduced some improvements to the Nautilus file manager with some fixes and improvements to the interface due to the search.

Big news for Gnome Maps 3.14 that adds the ability to calculate routes by car or on foot or by bicycle, also introduced support for access to web content such as images, info on places etc., in Gnome Photos we find support for the images of Google Picasa and Google Plus to access images from Android device into a media server or DLNA.

Weather News for Gnome 3.14 with a graphical interface that can facilitate us completely revised research and access to our favorite locations.

Here is the official video dedicated to the new GNOME 3.14:

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