How to upgrade Chromium OS

How to upgrade Chromium OS

In this guide we will see how to correctly insert the repository to receive updates in Chromium OS.

Chrome OS
Chromium OS is the open source version of Chrome OS, the operating system developed by Google based on Linux kernel, and pre-installed in the various Chromebook, Chromebox etc.. In Chromium OS will have the same features as Chrome OS, but being open source does not include the Flash Player plugin, the reader of PDF documents and multimedia codecs (which we can still install at a later time by following this our guide). We can use Chromium OS in a normal pendrive (in persistent mode), or install the operating system as a normal Linux distribution thanks to the Daily Build of Chromium OS maintained by the developer “ArnoldTheBats.

Available in 32-bit (Cx86OS) or 64-Bit (Camd64OS) or for systems based on ARM architecture (Carmos), the daily build of Chromium OS allow us to test and use the desktop operating system of Google on our PC, but unfortunately by default it is not possible to receive constant updates.

We can update Chromium OS thanks to the repository provided by the developer “ArnoldTheBats” to make all of this just type Ctrl + Alt + F2 and enter:
username: chronos
password: password
Once logged in as root to do this we need to work just type:

sudo -s
and insert the password: password and press Enter.

At this point we enter the repository that will allow us to update Chromium OS to do this just type:

Chromium OS for 32-bit (Cx86OS):

update_engine_client –update –omaha_url=
Chromium OS for 64-bit (Camd64OS): 
update_engine_client –update –omaha_url=
If everything is correct it should start the upgrade, the upgrade is completed we will have to restart the operating system by typing:
we will have to restart the updated version of Chromium OS.

For future updates just type CTRL + ALT + F2 to re-login and permissions to root and type:

update_engine_client –update
It also a version for “special” Chromium OS with proprietary drivers from Nvidia and AMD, Intel GMA 500 Graphics driver and Broadcom driver that can be downloaded from this link.

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