KDE Plasma updated to version 5.1

KDE Plasma updated to version 5.1

The developers have announced the release of KDE Plasma 5.1, here are the main new features and how to test it.

KDE Plasma 5.1
Development continues on the new Plasma 5, the new version of the desktop environment “K” in the future that we will find the default in the main Linux distributions. The KDE developers have worked hard in the correction of several bugs, in addition to introducing several optimizations are also new features and improvements related to the new theme Breeze. With KDE Plasma 5.1 debuts the new Klipper clipboard manager that brings with it a graphical interface fully integrated into the revised notification manager.

Note also the support of the Breeze theme for Qt4, thus bringing better integration with the entire desktop environment, developers have also introduced new widgets included in the current version 4.x as the notes widget, task manager, display of loads system, etc news for the plasmoid clock with support for multiple time zones.
News for notifications, improved visually, along with many bug fixes.

KDE Plasma 5.1 is available through the ISO Kubuntu Plasma 5, we can also install and test the new version under development in Ubuntu or derivatives or Arch Linux and Fedora.

Release Notes KDE Plasma 5.1

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