Linux Deepin 15 is released, What New Features

Linux Deepin 15 is released, What New Features

Linux Deepin (formerly, Deepin, Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux) is a Debian-based distribution (it was Ubuntu-based until version 15 released in late 2015) that aims to provide an elegant, user-friendly and reliable operating system. It does not only include the best the open source world has to offer, but it has also created its own desktop environment called DDE or Deepin Desktop Environment which is based on HTML 5 technologies. Deepin focuses much of its attention on intuitive design. Its home-grown applications, like Deepin Software Centre, DMusic and DPlayer are tailored to the average user. Being easy to install and use, deepin can be a good Windows alternative for office and home use.

Availability, boot options and system requirements

It is available for download as installable-only DVD ISO images, one for the 32-bit architecture and another one for 64-bit hardware platforms. The ISOs can be deployed to USB flash drives of 2 GB or higher capacity, as well as on blank DVD discs.

From the boot prompt, users can only install the operating system. Recommended system requirements include an Intel Pentium IV 2GHz processor or better, at least 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended for best performance), at least 10 GB of free disk space, a modern video graphics card from Intel, AMD or Nvidia, an AC97, SoundBlaster or HDA sound card, and a CD/DVD-ROM devices or USB port.

What New in version 15 :
  • deepin 15 pays more attention to internationalization, and is featured with brand new mirror image acceleration (CDN acceleration). Languages supported are up to 30 kinds, thus the infinite charm of deepin can be experienced globally! Newly added languages are as follows: Malay, Bulgarian, Swedish, Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Finnish, Spanish (Latin America), Hindi (India), Ukrainian
  • Besides, we have reached an important cooperative relationship with Intel. We will collaboratively utilize Crosswalk Project to migrate existing Web applications to deepin (Linux platform), thus to enrich the diversity of application for deepin and improve deepin experience!
  • With simple, elegant and content-first principle, flat design has been adopted for the interface, new Control Center is more unified with Dock. Meanwhile, a whole-new white system-theme has been used in this Edition. Awarded wallpapers from Deepin Wallpaper Contest are preset in the system, to customize a deepin for you!
  • Across-the-board system sound and animation effects have been added. Notification, Wakeup and such operations will all come with fine sound and animation effects which enriches every operation and adds a little bit fun.
  • Here, let us express our most sincere gratitude to Shen Huibin, the domestic famous music producer, thank him for specifically creating the system sound for us.
  • deepin 15 has changed head to toe with a all new system structure. Deepin Desktop Environment and system stability has been thoroughly optimized to become lighter and more sensitive. A new window manager has been adopted in this edition. It can intelligently detect the current computer environment, then initiates a proper window manager. Thus the performance and compatibility has reached perfect balance.
  • For details in experience, pressure response function has been added to digital tablet. It will be more handy for you to draw on PC. Optimized Bluetooth function. It is easier to connect to Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and stereo.
  • Besides, we have built a complete assistance/feedback system. Deepin Manual, Deepin User Feedback and Remote Assistance have formally been added to the system. We will be able to respond in the first time for your request for help or feedback.
  • Thanks to the close cooperation in Crosswalk Project, now there are several popular Web applications in Deepin Store. This has largely enriched the diversity of hot applications, provides more choices for life, entertainment and work.
  • Meanwhile, Deepin Store focused more on providing fine application service. The uninstall function of Deepin Store has been merged to Launcher, the application update and mirror switching function has been moved to Control Center and integrated with system update.
  • Youdao Dict was upgraded to V1.1, WPS Office will be the default office software for all language editions, thus to provide a unified smooth office experience. Wubi input method (simplified Chinese) and Cangjie input method (traditional Chinese) are newly added.
Download the installation DVD image from here: deepin-15-amd64.iso (1,851MB, MD5).

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