Neptune OS 4.2 available for download

Neptune OS 4.2 available for download

Neptune OS is a Linux distribution that aims to provide a stable and reliable operating system, applications, kernel, etc. up to date. The idea of ​​the OS Neptune project is to combine the stability of Debian 7 Wheezy with KDE desktop and applications are constantly updated to the latest stable version available through dedicated repository. With the new version 4.2 of Neptune OS are by default the Linux kernel 3.16.3 (+ BFQ I / O scheduler) with Btrfs file system by default, there are also pre-installed Snapper, software that allows us to create incremental snapshots of the operating system.

Neptune OS 4.2 also updates the KDE desktop to version 4.14.1 and includes improvements in the support for UEFI Secure Boot thereby allowing the installation of distribution in new PCs with Windows 8 / 8.1 pre-installed. Among the updates included in Neptune OS 4.2 we also find the office suite LibreOffice updated to version 4.3.2, the 37 Chromium browser, Kdenlive 0.9.10 and Wireshark to 1:12.

Neptune OS 4.2 Changelog :
  • Fixed neptune-installer to successfully remove live tools like
  • snapshot-manager, persistent-creator and itself aswell as
  • quickinstallation-guides
  • Fixed systemd startup not creating loopback devices (apps like TrueCrypt weren’t able to mount virtual drives)
  • Fixed bluetooth not enabled by default in systemd
  • Fixed bluedevil not be able to send files via bluetooth
  • Fixed version strings in /etc/issue; /etc/os-release;/etc/lsb-release; …
  • Fixed plasma workspace not showing icons but scrollbar occasionally
  • Added Kernel 3.14.13 with bfq I/O scheduler by default
  • Replaced LibreOffice version from Kanotix with Debian Backports version 4.2.6
  • Added default asound.conf with dsp0 dmix device
  • Added default vimrc config with saving last cursor position
  • Added Meta/Super/Windows-key + k hotkey to open Knetworkmounter
  • Updated KDE Applications and Plattform to version 4.14.0
  • Updated nouveau and intel driver
  • Updated wireshark
  • Updated virtualbox-guest-dkms
  • Updated systemd
  • Updated apper
  • Updated packagekit 

For more information and to download Neptune OS 4.2 please consult the release notes available on this page.

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