Plasma KDE 5.0.2 available for download


Plasma KDE 5.0.2 available for download

The KDE developers have released the new Plasma 5.0.2, here’s how to install it or test it on our PC.

KDE Plasma 5
A couple of months since the release of the first public version of the new Frameworks and Plasma 5, the KDE developers have released the second maintenance update. The new KDE Plasma 5.0.2 does not include anything new but simply goes to fix several bugs found in recent weeks by developers and users. Note that KDE Plasma and Frameworks 5.0.2 will be included in the ISO Kubuntu Plasma 5, new release that allows us to test the development of the new desktop environment “K”.

I remember that KDE Plasma 5.x project is still in the development stage that is still incomplete and unstable, especially with still several bugs to fix. E therefore recommended to install VirtualBox through or in secondary partitions.

On this page you will find the release notes of the new KDE Plasma 5.0.2

Install KDE Plasma 5.0.2
Plasma KDE 5.0.2 is available through the ISO Kubuntu Plasma 5 that we can download from this page, alternatively we can download the ISO of Neon 5 (based on Kubuntu 4.14 Trusty), or we can install KDE Plasma 5 in Kubuntu following this our guide dedicated.

For Arch Linux users, the new KDE Plasma 5.0.2 is available directly from the official repostiory, while Fedora can install the new version through the third-party repositories, or download dedicated ISO.

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