PointDownload the new download manager weblog Linux Deepin


PointDownload the new download manager weblog Linux Deepin

From the developer of Linux Deepin comes the new download manager called open PointDownload, here’s how to install it.

PointDownload in Ubuntu
For a few months it is available Deepin Linux 2014, the new release is based on Ubuntu 04.14 LTS Trusty which brings with it many new features as Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0 new and modern desktop environment with minimal Deepin Control Center is a complete manager can configure and customize easily operating system. Together with Linux Deepin 2014 also landed new enhancements to the default applications ì as Deepin Software Center, Deepin Music Player, etc. Deepin Terminal. Always by Linux developer Deepin also lands a download manager open source GUI QT5 called PointDownload characteristics very interesting.

PointDownload is a modern download manager for Linux that allows us to quickly download files from the internet with support for the most common protocols. With a simple and intuitive graphical interface QT5, PointDownload allows us to better manage our downloads with a number of options such as the ability to manage the various threads and maximum speed for each file to download, saving everything in specific directory (example, we can save the videos in the dedicated folder, etc.).

Note also the possibility to choose which to use download manager to download our files, preferences, PointDownload we can choose whether to use Aria2, Xware (Thunder) or You-Get, or use the built-in download manager.
PointDownload also includes PointPopup to manage the files we want to download (we can load them automatically once copied to the clipboard), there are also PointChromeExtension and PointFirefoxExtension4, open source extensions that allow us to start the download directly from browser Chrome / Chromium or Firefox.

install PointDownload
PointDownload is a project still in the development stage we can already install in Ubuntu and Linux in Deepin or by downloading the deb package from this page (today only available in 64 bit).
We can also install PointDownload in Arch Linux and derivatives due to AUR.
Once installed PointDownload just start it from the menu.

I thank Maurice for reporting.

Home PointDownload

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