Potenza 2.0 new icons made ​​in italy land on GitHub

Potenza 2.0 new icons made ​​in italy land on GitHub

Alessandro Bompadre has released the new version 2.0 of the icons potenza, news and how to install them in our distribution.

potenza Icons in Ubuntu

Among the many features included in the main desktop environment for Linux is its ability to use themes, icons, cursors, etc. from third parties. In recent years we have introduced many topics icons etc. third set is able to improve the look of your desktop, among these projects, we also find a set of icons potenza developed by Italian designer Alessandro Bompadre.
potenza is set is based on open source icons Faenza with a more modern look, however, and miniale able to better support the major Linux desktop environments such as Unity, Gnome Shell, KDE, LXDE, XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon, Pantheon etc. .

A few days ago the new potenza available new 2.0 update which brings with it many new icons and various improvements to debut over on GitHub so as to improve the development and maintenance.
potenza 2.0 is available in 3 versions: potenza, and potenza potenza-Dark-Light that can be easily installed in our distribution.

To install the icons potenza 2.0 in Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux, openSUSE etc. just download this zip file and extract it and copy the three folders potenza, potenza-Dark-Light and potenza in .icons present in our home directory (by default hidden, to view just click Ctrl + H or F8 in Dolphin if there is not enough to create the new folder). For KDE we have to be careful to copy / move folders icons potenza .kde4 in the directory / share / icons present on our homepage.

Once you copy or move the icons just start Gnome Tweak Tool or other customization tools to set up the new set of icons Potenza.

I thank Alessandro Bompadre, developer of the icons Potenza for signaling.

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