pstate-frequency check and change the frequency of our processor Intel


pstate-frequency check and change the frequency of our processor Intel

We present pstate-frequency useful tools to obtain information on the frequency of our processor Intel Core thanks to intel_pstate

pstate-frequency in Ubuntu
Among the innovations introduced by Intel in the latest versions of the Linux kernel are also pstate, which allows drivers to operate in the frequency of the processors Intel Core (and newer SandyBridge). Present in version 3.9 and later of the Linux kernel, we can operate in intel-pstate through Laptop Mode Tools, useful tool that we can use to increase the autonomy of our portable personal computer simply by turning on the laptop mode when the computer is powered by the batteries. We can operate in intel-pstate through the script pstate-frequency with which we can have detailed information on how Turbo Boost” included in some Intel CPU Core.

pstate-frequency is an open source tool with which we can check the current frequency of each of our core Intel processor and modificane the maximum and minimum frequency all directly from our terminal.
Example, we can increase the range of our laptop decreasing the maximum frequency of our processor (logically we will also decrease the performance), we can also operate in the “Turbo Boost” enabling or disabling it, or decreasing the maximum frequency.

Install pstate-frequency in Ubuntu and is quite simple, first install some dependencies needed to compile the tool by typing in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install build-essential unzip 
Once installed we download and compile pstate-frequency typing in a terminal:
cd /tmp
cd pstate-frequency-master/
sudo make install 
Once installed just restart pstate-frequency distribution.

Upon reboot we operate from pstate-frequency terminal by typing pstate-frequency -s followed by:

-m –max Adjust the maximum frequency scaling of the CPU
-n –min Adjust the minimum frequency scaling of the CPU
t –turbo Adjust the current state of Turbo Boost
p –plan Adjust the maximum scaling and Turbo Boost to a preset plan.

with p, we can activate one of the three presets, which are:

1 powersave Sets the minimum and maximum scaling frequencies to the lowest available and disables Turbo Boost.
2. performance Sets the minimum scaling frequency to the lowest available, the maximum scaling frequency to the highest frequency available non-turbo and disables Turbo Boost.
3 max-performance Sets the minimum and maximum frequencies scaling to the highest available frequency taking into account Turbo Boost frequencies, and Enables Turbo Boost.

pstate-frequency is also available for Arch Linux and derivatives via AUR.

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