Slackel 6.0.2 “Openbox” Was Released

Slackel 6.0.2 “Openbox” Was Released

Slackel is a Linux distribution and live CD based on Slackware Linux and Salix OS. It is fully compatible with both. It uses the current version of Slackware and the latest version of the KDE desktop. The Slackel disc images are offered in two different forms – installation and live.

Slackel 6.0.2 Openbox has been released. This is an update release. Includes the Linux kernel 3.14.18 and latest updates from Slackware’s ‘Current’ tree. Slackel 6.0.2 Openbox 32-bit includes both PAE and non-PAE kernels with older hardware support. The ncurses installer includes the option to install LILO or GRUB boot loaders. After installation users can use the grubconfig utility to reinstall GRUB or to change the boot loader from LILO to GRUB. Users can also use update-grub to update GRUB menus any time they upgrade their kernel or install another Linux distribution. The os-prober tool is used to probe for other operating systems and to update the GRUB menus. Slackel 6.0.2 Openbox includes the Midori 0.5.8 web browser, Claws-Mail 3.9.2, Transmission, SpaceFM, OpenJRE 7u51_31, Pidgin 2.10.9, gFTP 2.0.19, AbiWord 3.0.0, Gnumeric 1.12.2.

Here is the full release announcement. Download (MD5): slackel64-openbox-6.0.2.iso (674MB). 

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