Syncthing available the new GUI for Linux

Syncthing available the new GUI for Linux

Syncthing GTK is a useful application that allows us to operate in Syncthing without using our browser, complete with a link in this panel and so on.

We have already spoken in recent days of Syncthing, an interesting open source project that allows us to synchronize files and directories between different PC without using server, cloud storage services, etc.. With Syncthing we can synchronize our files and folders in a secure manner by encrypting in such a way as to prevent access to malicious user.
To facilitate the use of Syncthing was born the new project syncthing-gui able to provide a graphical interface for Linux well integrated in the main desktop environments.

Syncthing GUI is an open source software, written in Python with GTK + 3 graphical user interface, with which we can operate in Syncthing from a window of our desktop then without having to use / start our browser. A very important feature of Syncthing GUI is the link in the panel with which to work quickly on the service, the GUI is very simple and intuitive, and includes the main features of the Web UI. Syncthing GUI then allows us to manage our directory to synchronize, operate in the repositories and nodes, manage the speed of download and upload, and much more.

Install GUI Syncthing
Syncthing GUI requires Syncthing started in our pc, to download / use the service just see this in our guide.

To install Syncthing GUI in Ubuntu and type the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install syncthing-gtk
alternatively we can just download the deb package from this page.
Syncthing GUI is also available for Arch Linux via AUR.
Home Syncthing GUI

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