Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Release Candidate Download


Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Release Candidate Download

Ubuntu MATE 14.10 release candidate is now available for download. This is the last release prior to the final 14.10 release and fixes a few issues that were present in Beta2 please make sure you read the release notes below because there are still unresolved issues you’ll need to be aware of.

The main new features of Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn, we also find the new version based on the MATE desktop environment. MATE Ubuntu is a distribution that aims to bring the user experience the Gnome 2 in the best-known Linux distribution in the world, providing support for new GTK + 3 and some customizations dedicated. Thanks Mate we can have a stable and secure operating system comes with several customizations, note the ability to quickly change the layout mode Gnome 2 (with the classic 2 panels) to Redmond (Windows-style) with a simple terminal command. We can already install the new version of Ubuntu 14:10 MATE thanks to the Release Candidate now available for download.

This release candiate has been focused on fixing broken things and improving what was already present in Beta2.
  •     Fixed full disk encryption, or rather entering your pass phrase into Plymouth.
  •     Fixed Plymouth not displaying boot up splash screens.
  •     Fixed missing Sticky Notes applet.
  •     Merged xzoom menu entry upstream. LP #1368188
  •     Synced mate-screensaver 1.8.1-1 from Debian
  •     Synced marco 1.8.2 from Debian
  •     Synced mate-applets 1.8.1 from Debian
  •     Synced atril 1.8.1 from Debian
  •     Synced caja 1.8.2 from Debian
  •     Synced mate-panel 1.8.1 from Debian
  •     Added caja-dropbox 1.8.0 to the PPAs.
  •     Added mate-control-center to 1.8.3 to the PPAs.
For more information and to download Ubuntu MATE 14:10 Release Candidate please consult the release notes.
Download Ubuntu MATE 14.10

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