Ubuntu released RTM Touch Stable, here’s how to install it

Ubuntu released RTM Touch Stable, here’s how to install it

The developer Canonical has released the long-awaited RTM of Ubuntu Touch, we will find that the default version in the next smartphone Meizu and BQ.

Touch in Ubuntu Meizu MX4
Only a few months to the commercialization of the first smartphone Meizu BQ and Touch with Ubuntu preinstalled. Just at this time Canonical has announced the release of the stable version of Ubuntu 9.14 Touch RTM that will be included in the new Meizu MX4 (in December also available in Italian) and BQ Aquaris. Although referred to as “stable”, the RTM Touch Ubuntu is a version of the mobile operating system was still incomplete and with many bugs still to be resolved, the “real” stable version will arrive in April 2016 with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release which will provide the much-expected convergence between the desktop and mobile version of the open source operating system from Canonical.

Ubuntu 9.14 RTM Touch brings with it a number of improvements, mainly concerning the various app by default included in the draft Core Apps and the introduction of the new graphical server MIR updated to version 0.7.1.

The new Ubuntu 14.09 Touch RTM is now available for Nexus 4 and Meizu MX4 (krillin), (link to download) to install the new version in dual boot with Android just consult our dedicated guide.

Most likely Ubuntu 09.14 RTM Touch will soon be available for other Android devices through unofficial images, we will keep you updated.
I also remember that we can test apps Ubuntu Touch from our browser thanks to APPLIST tool (for more information).

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  1. Hi! Can anyone provide a link to the quoted installation guide for meizu mx4 please? (Thanks!)