Windows 10 style convergence in Linux


Windows 10 style convergence in Linux

Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 10, a new version that includes several features present in Linux

Windows 10
Microsoft unveiled in San Francisco the new Windows 10 version of the proprietary operating system in the world using the most stable version that will come in at the end of 2015 Windows 10 will bring with it several new features included in most major Linux distributions from the convergence between the several devices. In fact, the new Windows 10 will be available for both smartphones and tablet pc laptop and desktop display supporting from 4 to 80, a feature that we will also find the version number 8 of Canonical Unity desktop environment.

With Windows 10 will debut a new version of the Start button menu of Windows 7 with integrated tile of Windows 8 with the possibility of launching mobile applications in a normal window. Also note the research that combines the search for applications, files, etc. with online searches, feature included in Windows 8 and similar to the Unity Dash.

Windows 10 includes the new mode Task View” that allows us to display thumbnails of all windows opened, similar functionality to the comprehensive overview of Gnome Shell and Apple Mac Exposé.
Another feature present in Windows 10 Linux is the new manager of virtual desktops, a feature included in the main Linux desktop environment

Windows 10 also improves the functionality Aero Snap with the possibility to combine up to 4 windows, characteristic present for years in KWin window manager KDE 4.

The new Windows 10 will most likely be released at the end of 2015 in the coming weeks will be available the Windows 10 Technical Preview that we will be able to download from this page.

For more information on Windows 10 please consult the official announcement from the Windows blog.

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